Knowles history

As a leader in several industries, we see our role as pushing the industry forward, constantly redefining the gold standard through products and services that help our customers enhance their technology solutions. At our core, Knowles is unified by a spirit of innovation that permeates every solution we build, coming together to empower more efficient products.

Since our founding in 1946, we have served as a pioneer – focused on developing products that make the greatest impact for our customers. We are proud of our advancements and accomplishments, and we aren’t stopping now.

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Knowles milestones

2015 - Acquire Audience Inc., a leading global provider of advanced voice and audio processors for mobile products

2015 - Develop the market’s smallest and most power efficient digital MEMS microphone with I2S interface

2014 - Ships two millionth MEMS (Micro-Electro-Mechanical Systems) microphone for the hearing health industry

2014 - Develops the world’s first digital microphone supporting ultrasonic bandwidth

2014 - Develops digital multi-mode, low power MEMS microphone enabling ‘Always On’ technology

2014 – Knowles Corporation established as an independent, publicly-traded company

2013 – Ships five billionth SiSonic™ MEMS microphone

2013 – Launches the most powerful high power micro speaker, Cobra™, in its size category

2012 – Ships three billionth SiSonic™ MEMS microphone

2012 – Enables the smallest possible acoustic design in portable devices with N’Bass™

2012 – Knowles KJ-33000 MEMs Joystick Named Product of the Year by Electronic Products Magazine

2011 – Ships two billionth SiSonic™ MEMS microphone

2011 – Knowles acquires Sound Solutions

2011 – Introduces virtual technology N’Bass™ for sound enhancement

2007 – Develops world’s smallest rectangular dynamic speaker

2007 – Introduces balanced armature technology for premium earphones

2006 – Offers third-generation digital SiSonic™ microphones

2005 – Dover Corporation acquires Knowles

2005 – Introduces world’s first rectangular dynamic speaker

2003 – Launches second-generation SiSonic™ for breakthrough cell phone designs

2002 – Develops world’s smallest dynamic speaker design

2002 – Introduces first silicon surface mount microphone, the SiSonic™ series

2001 – Launches complementary metal oxide semiconductor/MEMS technology platform

2000 – Expands high-volume global production facilities

1999 – Knowles family sells Knowles to investors

1998 – Develops condenser technology platform that yields world's smallest electret condenser microphone

1996 – Establishes micro electro-mechanical controls

1994 – Introduces acoustic devices for global electronic business

1994 – Presents world's flattest dynamic speaker design for cell phones

1991 – Introduces first improved electret magnetic microphone

1990 – Makes strategic decision with Sound Solutions to focus entirely on telecom market

1989 – Opens Hugh Knowles Center for Hearing Research at Northwestern University

1987 – Introduces Class-D amplified receivers

1982 – Launches first ultra-high power miniature receiver

1980 – Focuses Sound Solutions on small speakers for cassette recorders, Dictaphones and telecom applications

1974 – Opens first Knowles Asian manufacturing center

1971 – Introduces first subminiature electret condenser microphone

1969 – Amplifies Neil Armstrong's words from the moon during the Apollo 11 mission with various acoustic products.

1956 – Sound Solutions starts manufacturing dynamic speakers for TV sets

1954 – Develops first miniature microphone and receiver for hearing aids

1947 – Introduces first transistor-based miniature microphone

1946 – Knowles founded by Hugh Knowles